Turning positive intent into positive action.

We exist to level the playing field in sports business and help organisations unlock the higher performance that access to diverse talent brings.

Diversity is the key topic on the Sports Business Agenda

But diversity on its own is useless. It’s lip service. A meaningless policy on a well-designed website.

And as an industry we’ve worked hard to highlight representation issues. Champion difference in thought and demographics, but it’s not enough. Intent is not enough. And with The SportsReadyList we’re doing something about it.

We’re treating the symptom - hiring diversely whilst building a cure - Developing Inclusive environments and cultures with our clients. We’re not here to tick a box.

Set up for success and true accountability with our Discovery Audit - the first stage in helping you to measure and achieve true diversity and inclusion within your organisation.

As your independent partner, the SRL audit is uniquely designed to you. Our expert ED&I consultants provide insight, analysis and actionable intelligence to help shape your future and build inclusivity.

Re-defining how sport appoints Non Executive Directors and Chairs through access to the very best individuals in an easy to access Talent Portal.

Access and engage best in class talent through our match-making service and ensure you have diverse representation at board level.

Nurture and network with entry-level and emerging talent to build sustainable pathways.

Sowing the seed early to develop your own unique pool of talent, provide internship opportunities and engage in reverse-mentoring to prepare your organisation for the next generation of leaders.

Do exceptional individuals, from under-represented communities, know about your opportunities? Are your job specs written in the very best way to attract diverse talent, free from gender specific language and unconscious bias?

Amplify your reach and engagement with the very best individuals through our AdConnect service. Ensuring each role is written and amplified in a truly diverse and inclusive manner.

Access the brightest minds with a diverse lens on your organisation’s current issues and challenges.

Participate in our monthly ThinkTank sessions where our Shadow Board meets to discuss, debate and deliver innovate and creative solutions.

Champion the next generation of leadership talent through our NED and Chair mentoring initiative.

Our team works to match Mentors and Mentees with balanced skills and career ambitions, providing structure and support so all can achieve their full potential and enhance their network.

Learning, education and resources for you and your organisation available On-Demand.

Watch, read and work at your own pace, with curated sport-specific content and dedicated development pathways assigned to individual team members. Here to support you on your journey towards true ED&I.

Keep up to date on the latest trends and topics with our monthly webinars and networking events.

Hear from industry experts, gain unique insights and share knowledge with your peers.

9 Reasons to work with The SportsReadyList

  • 01 With SRL approved status, you’ll actively demonstrate your commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • 02 We’ll ensure you achieve positive change in diverse representation from entry to board level.
  • 03 You’ll attract and retain the most exceptional and engaged Talent available.
  • 04 We’ll help you to create a workforce committed to development, inclusivity and education.
  • 05 We’ll help you reach a wider pool of Talent than ever before.
  • 06 You’ll have access to fully referenced and highly recommended NEDs and Chairs ready to effect change.
  • 07 With a pipeline of emerging talent, we’ll help future-proof your organisation.
  • 08 You’ll discover untapped revenue potential and the higher business performance that true commitment to ED&I brings you.
  • 09 You’ll build your network with the most innovative digital community in Sport.

Think your Organisations can benefit from The SportsReadyList?